Creations translated to English


Three Stage Happenings

Why does Man seek freedom?

Happening 1. The freedom to choose one's name, religion, race and sex.

A pregnant woman is torn by regret. She pleads not to give birth to this baby girl who is bound to become, like her mother, a slave in whose world the sun never rises. The story of the mother and her baby is told disjointedly, trapped inside a mechanism of social conventions.

Happening 2. The freedom to use the treasures of natural resources.

A young girl steals the Fire out of recognition that it belongs to the people. She suffers the consequences. Attendants of a lavish aristocratic soirée are made at once attracted and disdainful by the girl’s audacity. It is after all their fire.

Happening 3. The freedom to express a political opinion.

She has gone missing. A woman suspected of having helped her escape is interrogated by the regime. A group of rebels declares her as the leader of the Resistance. A girl is convinced that she is her mother. She joins the search. Does she even exist? And

                        How close to the sun can a butterfly be before she burns?

The Play Presented At Hasimta Theatre, Old Jaffa, Israel

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A city in a fog.

In the towers live the merchants trading beauty and youth. On the streets the commoners run around like mice. The known form of human congregation crumbles to loneliness. Three family members of the lower class; The mother sells her children in order to make her dream come true. The daughter becomes a servant in a house that trades in kids. The son was forgotten in a basement where he parents a rat and writes letters to Marilyn Monroe. Time is accelerated. Everything is exchangeable, dreams as well.

And yet, life happens.

The Play Presented At TMUNA Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Lights up; a woman, the body of a man and a double bass player. A village. Then and now. She is tied up to a tree trunk inside of her house, so no one would be tempted by her dancing. She struggles with her passions under society’s expectations of her. She hits her husband over the head with a shovel because he is about to leave, after she tells him she is barren. The night after she gives birth to an egg, of which their son hatches from. He dies the next day. The nomad double bass player plays and she dances between fantasies, to try and find what is real.

The Play Presented At TMUNA Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Alfred calls Lidya after fifteen years to sing her birthday song one last time. Zick sits in a locked closet with his imaginary friend Banadir. Watching from the closet, he makes up stories about his father’s new romantic partner and her son. Giyo paints based on listening to the woman’s body. Rika tries to understand how does Giyo’s creative method work, and what exactly happened on the night that Giyo killed his wife.

Old bodies meets new wings on the search for reflections.

The Play Was Not Produced Yet.

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A street singer roams the world dragging along her life in a bag.

She stops at a street stage and performs. Her life of hardships, childhood memories and especially a traumatic experience related to the loss of her mother give her no peace. She searches for some solace for her soul throughout the performance. The street stage is the habitat for her dreams and hallucinations. The creatures of her imagination accompany her on her way and quest.

An urbanode combining various rhythms of steps, heart beats and a questions.

The Play Presented At TMUNA Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel